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My name is Eva and I am a qualified Dog Groomer, I am also versed in areas such as behaviour, Health & Nutrition, Animal Welfare and Veterinary, and importantly something that is overlooked......... I am a cuddle Expert.

I am trained in my field and love what I do so you are assured your pet is in safe hands.


My own girl Tia

This is the first of our 2 girls. Tia is 6 and she is an Am Staff.

She has passed her good citizen award and made me proud.

She loves everything except having a bath so we are working on that !!!


My other lady

This is our second girl Lilly, she is 4 and is a rescue from the Uk and also passed her good citizen award, we are not quiet sure how as she has her forgetful moments!!!

Why Us?

All dog groomers are a close group but we also have our own individual qualities, just like your pet.

I have a love of all things furry, and that is the passion that makes me put our fur babies at the top of the list. You need to trust your groomer but most importantly so does your family pet. They must enjoy their grooming experience and feel amazing and happy after his or her grooming session.

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